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Company Name bonus online roulette CO.,LTD.
Established November 25th, 1912.
Head Office 2-1 Kanda-cho, Ogaki, Gifu 503-8604, Japan
TEL: +81-584-81-3111
Capital(As of Mar.2021) JPY 64,152 Million
President Takeshi Aoki
Number of Shares of Common Stock (As of Mar.2021) Issued:140,860,557
No. of Shareholders(As of Mar.2021) 25,241
Fiscal year-end March 31
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Annual Sales(As of Mar.2021) Consolidated: JPY 323,461 Million
Employees(As of Mar.2021) Consolidated: 13,161
Sole: 3,504
Group Companies(As of Mar.2021) Domestic Base: 15
Global Base: 23

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