Made for Flight would like to thank our incredible funders and supporters.  This project would not be possible without your contributions.

Thank you Casa Libre, Alliance Fund, Tucson Pima Arts Council, Kresge Foundation, and Every Voice in Action for your direct financial support of this project.

Thank you Amy Sumeral Pippin for your generous donation to this project.  Amy saw the project on Facebook and sent this note to us, “To you and your youth in the project, this Mama loves you all!” How amazing is she? Thank you, Amy.

Thank you Target, Sunflower Market, and Trader Joe’s for your in-kind donations.

We would like to thank Ethan St. Pierre for maintaining the Transgender Day of Remembrance website.  We use this incredibly valuable resource a lot here at Made for Flight and we couldn’t do this project without his work.  Thank you, Ethan!  Please visit his site at

We would also like to thank the folks at Transgender Europe who maintain the Trans Murder Monitoring Project.  This is another invaluable site. 

Thank you to Rae Strozzo for his brilliant “Boys do cry” kite.


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