Interns and volunteers

Made for Flight would not be possible without the incredible assistance of our Visual Media interns and UA/Pride Alliance volunteers.  Allow me to introduce you.

Sammy Dominguez, Visual Media Intern, 2011.

Sammy Dominguez is a Tucson High student, class of 2012.
Sammy is genderqueer and the president of Tucson High school’s GSA and
a gifted photographer. Sammy writes and performs slam poetry through
the Tucson Youth Poery Slam (TYPS) and enjoys writing. Sammy’s dream
is to save lives and put more love in the world by becoming an AIDS

Pedro Sorto, Visual Media Intern, 2011.

I was born in Santa Tecla, El Salvador in 1978. I graduated from Graphic Design in San Salvador, El Salvador in 2001, and studied in Madrid, Spain in 2005. I worked in Advertising during 7 years in my country. In 2009, I married a beautiful Spanish guy in Connecticut! Now, I’m pursuing a Master degree in Art Education in Tucson, Arizona as a Fulbright Scholar.


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