Below are just a few of the kites created by youth for Made for Flight

Luisa Alvarado Hernández
Location: Comayagüela City, Honduras
Cause of Death: Stoned, beaten and burned
Date of Death: December 22, 2010
Luisa was 23 years old.






Idania Roberta Sevilla Raudales  Age: 58 Death: Nov 28, 2010 Location: Comayaguela, Honduras Context:  Idania Roberta owned a beauty salon.  She was killed in her own apartment. Her hands and feet were tied and her throat was slit.

Unknown name

Many transwomen are murdered every year and their deaths are either unreported or uninvestigated.  This kite is for them.  It incorporates a quote by Frida Kahlo.  “Feet, why do I need them?  I have wings to fly.”




 Sandy Woulard
Location:Chicago, Illinois
Cause of Death:Shot in the chest
Date of Death June 21, 2010
Sandy was 28 years old.

Emanuelly Colaço Taborda
Location:Parana, Brazil
Cause of Death:Strangled
Date of Death:November 9, 2010
She was 39 years old.



Angie González Oquendo
Location: Caguas, Puerto Rico
Cause of Death: Strangled with an electrical cord
Date of Death: May 24, 2010
Angie was 38 years old

Location: Izmir, Turkey
Cause of Death: Shot in the back of the head
Date of Death: April 27, 2010
Azra was 30 years old.

Justo Luis González García
Location Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico
Cause of Death shot in the head
Date of Death September 13, 2010
Justo Luis was 34 years old.
This is 1 of the 2 transgender people found murdered, they were found together.
The second is unidentified.

Mariah Malina Qualls
Location: San Francisco, California
Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head.
Date of Death: December 9, 2009

Mariah Qualls, 23, was found dead Dec. 9, 2009 inside the Golden Eagle Hotel at 402 Broadway, a residential hotel in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood.   

Qualls volunteered for and was a member of Trans:Thrive, a drop-in center at the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood. She also worked for the group’s peer support program for transgender youth of color.



Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar
Location: Queens, New York
Cause of Death: Strangled
Date of Death: March 27, 2010
Amanda was 29 years old.





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